Nature: It’s enough


The significance of nature grows in the 21st century. Not only it has to do with the exploitation and techno-industrial use of nature, but with an initiative for re-searching an implication within the nature itself, for harmony and civilisational freshness. As a consequence of unscrupulous ambition for improvement, for the first time in the earth’s evolution we are facing such pollution and degradation of the planet that brings to the question the human survival alone. Hectares and hectares of forests are disappearing, the animals are being extinct and the oil in mega-tons are destroying the life of the ocean. The world has become a decorated landscape of plastic bags and plastic mind. It is not a human that will destroy the nature, it is a human that will be destroyed.

Therefore, the art has a special role in changing the perception of a modern human only as a part of an urban existence and bringing him back to the earth, air, water…

Niche has said: “Oh, friends, remain faithful to the land. Mountains are not mountains, rivers are not rivers any more”, says one zen story about illumination. The art becomes a natural gesture of an evoked human and search for crystallization of ourselves.

If human doesn’t find the nature soon, the nature will find human.

The exhibition “Nature and Art” represented by fourteen artists, means the real existence of Eden garden, whose essence didn’t vanish, but only has not been taken care of.

Bozidar Mandic