Grounding is a direct, physical connection to the Earth. It prevents shocks and extreme voltage by balancing the potentials of earth and sky.

The Works within this exhibition are trying to set the city on the size of a man,on the ergonomy of living that is intrinsic in the nature. Grounding is emphasizing that unbreakable bond between a human and the ground, often invisible and intangible within the speed and “asphalt” of urban living.

Nature & Art project is an initiative to change the relationship with nature through art interventions. We are interested in opening a better human perspective, existential freedom and “naturalization”.

Art that connects a human with nature is at the same time motivated and nurturing. It is not descriptive and it does not imitate. Avoids mystifications- it tries to be just like nature is.

Being intact with the rhythms of nature and giving in to them, we arrive to a unique harmony that reflects to the viewer or the participant.

Between Earth and Sky, there is a Man.

And the Man needs to feel good.

Nature & Art Team