Poetic of the Earth

Remaining faithful to the land means to chasten the suicidality of the modern world. The land is sincere thus enabling ultimate powers of technological development. To do with the land and to live with it and shape it are battles for lively motions of art. In the art itself, hope and desire for non-selfdistruction are being born. The land is an element that gives birth and persists the death.

With Anteyic courage and bare feet land poetics becomes an opposition to the asphalt and concrete. It is a cry of the lenient history. Until today, no one has disapproved that the land lives in humans, that it gives birth to the plants and author’s activity. The land is a permanent affirmation. Art’s respect towards the land represents a form of the artist’s active engagement in the earth survival.

Hoe, overpowers cyber intelligence. We have lived in the times where the pain of the universe and the pain of the land have the same intensity. A human evolved from the mud and the art from a human.

Bozidar Mandic
Personal view